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I had started this blog back in 2009. Well it was much of a secret because I was experimenting HTML and WordPress; it was sort of a learning project for myself, to know the ins-and-out of web-development. I like web designing and making them.

A year later, while in a geography class I was confronted with a challenging idea – global warming and its effects on us humans. So I turned the project into a discussion portal about global warming and climate change mainly, with timely updates about myself, this was back in 2010. Late that year, I retired from posting, and it was inactive for a period of time.

Summer 2011, back from a hiatus, I turned this blog into a personal journal of ideas and thoughts that I want to share. Since then, this blog has had more than 80,000 visitors [March, 2015]. It will celebrate it’s fourth anniversary this July 2015.


– Hosting and software: WordPress.
– Mars Edit: Powerful and unique blog-editing software.
– BBEdit: Writing the code.
– Yojimbo: Organizing files


The best way to keep up with me; to see what I am up to, is to follow this blog regularly, and in order to do that easily you can subscribe to this blog.

I put a lot of effort to write great content here. If you found any bug or any writing error please contact me by this e-mail: esmat at akidwithgreatambition dot org

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