Troubleshooting Tips

I know why you are here, because you may have trouble using the site. Don’t panic. Really!
I created this page for you to make things right when they are wrong. This is some of the tips you have to do on your end until I fix them on my end.

  1. Empty your browser cache. If you spend a lot of time on any website, the browser will cache files based on how much time you spend. Sometimes this cache can cause problems with pulling the correct data from the server.
  2. Try holding “SHIFT” and reloading the webpage
  3. Maybe your ISP (your internet service provider) is having trouble with their system. Or maybe the servers hosting this blog is having trouble. If it is on my end, rest assured that I am working on it.
  4. If none of the above solves your problem then you should “Log out” of the site if you are Logged in for commenting. First Log out from any platform that you are using for commenting then Log in and reload the site.
  5. If none of the above help, there’s the master plan option: Log out of the site, reboot your computer/device and try again.
  6. Still stuck in the mud? Then send me a tweet here : @EsmatZeerak

You can still email me here. Be sure to take a screenshot and describe the problem in detail. I will do my best!


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